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Bespoke Visits

We are happy to work with you to come up with the perfect visit for your class, right down to a completely unique workshop or longer project, just for you! We've done Monster and Monstrous Times; Spooky Stories in the Castle; An Introduction to Gothic Literature; Maths Through History; The Architectural History of Newcastle; The Great Fire of Gateshead and Newcastle; and lots more.

The Castle is also an excellent place for a coursework study for Key Stage 4 groups looking at changes in the local area over time - the Castle is Newcastle's oldest building and has a long and varied history of different uses, and we have an extensive archive of old pictures, engravings, photographs and written sources of all kinds which can be used to develop an excellent source pack for the history of the Castle and City.

Please contact the learning officer for more information, either by email at or by phone on 0191 230 6300 to discuss any ideas you might have.

The cost for a bespoke visit is generally £5 per pupil to account ofr the additional time to develop the resources. That means that a full day visit with a guided tour and a bespoke workshop designed to your needs would still cost only £8 per pupil.