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On Foot

From the city centre:

Head down Grey Street, passing by the Theatre Royal. Turn right along Mosely Street, which will bring you out to the north facade of St Nicholas Cathedral. The Black Gate is a short distance along St Nicholas Street.

From Central Station:

As you leave Central Station, turn right along Neville Street. Following Collingwood Street will bring you to St Nicholas Cathedral. Turning right down Westgate Road will bring you to the railway bridge that stands between the Black Gate and Castle Keep.

From the Quayside:

Alight the Side - the main medieval route into Newcastle. Alternatively, you can take Dog Leap Stairs. They're steep but rise straight up to the Castle.

The Castle Stairs are another route. These can be found on the Quayside, across the road from the Swing Bridge. Again, this is steep but will bring you straight up to the Castle Keep. To the rear of the Castle Keep is the Black Gate, where you can purchase tickets.