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24/10/2019 - 18:00 to 19:00

SOLD OUT: Crime Viral's How To Spot A Psychopath TALK

Founder of Crime Viral and law-abiding comedian Cheish Merryweather will take you through an hour-long talk.
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Serial killers - they are just like us (aside from the psychopathy and history of cold-blooded murders). These twisted individuals are described as having highly intelligent and manipulative personalities which means their crimes can go undetected for years. 


During a new talk with Crime Viral founder and law-abiding comedian Cheish Merryweather, we go on a journey studying the true crimes cases of serial killers who were married and led seemingly normal family wives all whilst carrying out unspeakable crimes at night. 


Are you sure you know who you are really sleeping next to at night? 


Doors are at 5.30pm 

Talk starts at 6pm

Duration: 1 hour 

The talk takes place in the Harbottle Suite of the Black Gate and will last one hour

Some descriptive violence - not for the weak of heart. 

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